About us

Thinking about adding a home theater system? Contemplating some upgrades to your existing system? Maybe you would like to ditch cable and get all your media over the Internet. Whatever questions you have regarding audio, video and networks, I can help you. Whether you want to press one button and have it all work or want to pair a $40,000 turntable to a $300,000 pair of speakers for the ultimate in audio, I can help you make the right choice. By applying what I have learned in 30 years of engineering in the audio, video and network space I can save you a lot of money by finding what will work right for you.

The process begins with carefully determining what your requirements are. These are analyzed and a set of solutions designed specifically for your needs are created. You may either purchase the equipment yourself or have me get it for you. Either way, the equipment will be purchased from an authorized dealer and will have the full backing of the store and manufacturer. Optionally, I can install the equipment for you and do what ever tuning is required.

I charge a reasonable fee for my consulting services. You will likely save more than this over a go-it-alone approach. How? First, I do not sell the equipment. I have no incentive to upsell you to increase my commission. I am not under pressure to push a certain company's products to meet a quota. Using strict engineering practices, I design systems to meet your needs, not to satisfy any personal bias I might have. Second, there is a bewildering array of audio video and network equipment. Making the wrong choice would be very easy -- and very costly to fix. By doing a thorough upfront requirements gathering, analysis and design, you can be assured that what you purchase will work right -- for you.